Thursday, 28 July 2011

Oh the humanity!

Conversation between me and the receptionist at the chiro. We were talking about Masterchef.

Her: "Ohhh....what did you think about...."
Me: "Hang on, don't say anything. I've been away for 9 days so I'm catching up on the episodes I've missed. I've taped them all."
Her: "Oh, this was ages ago, you would have seen this already."
Me: "Oooo-k, if you say so."
Her: "What did you think about Hayden being kicked out?"

Long silence.

A tumble weed rolls past.

Me: "I haven't seen that episode yet".

On another note, why does my phone autocorrect the word "bum" to this.....?

What is a B'um? And where do I get my hands on one?

Speaking of bums.....well bummers anyway. My overlocker did a little whoopsie in it's beret (please excuse my awful Frank Spencer from Some Mother's Do Ave Em reference - I've never watched the show yet I feel the need to quote that line on a regular basis. Despite the fact it ended in 1978. And I wasn't born until 1981.)


It's hard being inside my head sometimes.

Anyway, back to the bummer of me being without my overlocker while it gets fixed. **Note to self - don't take sacred machines to be serviced by a man who works in a shed out the back of his house**

I am at a complete loss. I could be cutting things out or doing some prep work but without my overlocker I am hit by the futility of life. And what good is my sewing machine (don't you dare tell her I said this) if I can't finish the edges off?

So instead, I am wasting time on Facey.....and dreaming of the dress that the amazing Bec from Naughty Shorts is making me. It's going to look like this:

But it will be in this fabric:

And I will wear it with these shoes:

I feel better now! You can find Bec from Naughty Shorts here on Facey, here on etsy and her gorgeous blog here :)

I'm off to watch my Some Mothers Do Ave Em box set.


ShelleyW said...

Good to see someone else quotes that line from Some Mothers - though I just scraped it in to being alive when it was on! In nappies though - just to clarify! I can only imagine the feeling of loss and destitution that you must be having at the moment. Wandering aimlessly through Spotlight, sighing forlornly at all the bolts, wondering when you and your precious one will be reunited. Remember - if you love something, set it free. If it returns, it will be yours forever. Now I have images of slow motion running along the beach towards your overlocker. Will stop now xxx

Yumminess textiles said...

Hahahaha! You gave me my first proper laugh of the day Shell! Hehehe! Stop reminding me of the Spotters sale, I'm trying so hard to resist! xxx

Annie K said...

Love it, Alana! By the way, I googled "Bu'm" and all I got were some dodgy links...thanks for that! :S

Yumminess textiles said...

Annie! Heehee! I never even thought of doing that - so glad I didn't though, I'm very innocent and those dodgy sites would hurt my eyes :) xxx

Kerrie B said...

Um.....showing my age here!
I remember sitting in front of the black and white tele, doing my math's homework on the abacus whilst i watched Some Mother's Do Ave Em...
Great read Ms A!!

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