Sunday, 17 July 2011

It's a boy's life

I had a lovely liker on Facey ask me yesterday why I don't make boy's clothes, particularly seeing as I have the perfect model in the shape of my son. A great question, which I feel can be answered with this photo:

My child + food or drink = spillage. He takes after his father who constantly has a collection of smudges on the exact same spot of his tops. It's cute. When it's not on clothes I have made. It's easy to ignore the stains...I just squint and avert my eyes when I hang their clothes up. Also works well for ignorning creases, missing buttons, mismatched socks etc. I can go on. Suzy Homemaker, I am not.

But I digress.

I like to pretend that each bit of Yumminess clothing goes to pink princesses that tiptoe lightly through life, completely smudge free and perfectly presented at all times. They don't miss their mouths and spill milk everywhere. They drink their babychinos with a pinky in the air and nibble the accompanying marshmallow delicately. NOT shove in it their gob and make a grab for the sugar packets on the table, while dragging their sleeves through their eggs. Isn't that right?!

Don't shatter my dreams ladies.

In all seriousness though the reason why I don't make boy's clothes (and by the way - boy's clothes are not ruled out completely at Yumminess HQ, it's just not happening right at this moment) is because quite simply - my life is FILLED with boy stuff. And I love it, I truly do. But after a long day of trucks and hammers, getting to sit down with some seriously feminine fabric and creating something frou frou is what inspires me. And to me, it's so important to remain inspired to keep the Yumminess coming!

Plus, it gives me a chance to support other businesses who do make yummy boy's things, like these amazing businesses....please click on their name to find their site :)

Little Red Child - Facebook page
This is actually Alby's - we love it! :)

We own TWO of these!

Furious Kingston - Facebook page
How can you NOT love this!?

Boystrous  - Website
Boystrous - Facebook page
Tractors rock!

Jonny and Delilah  - Website
Jonny and Delilah  - Facebook page

Little Toot Creations - Facebook page
My little man in action :)


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