Thursday, 21 July 2011

Spotlight here, Spotlight there

Ok, so I have no self control. Pffft, you say. We could have guessed. That's weird, I think. Why are you talking back to me? This is my blog, just read it and shoosh yourselves! You'll get your chance in the comments section at the end.

I buy lots of my fabric online. But I still love Spotlight because I love to see the fabric in person, to touch it and to hold different fabrics together to make a match. Somehow, every time, I spend far too much money.

This is what happens when I go to Spotters.

First of all, I give myself a little pep talk on the way. I say,

"Now, you don't really NEED any fabric, so we'll just look, ok?".

That's a good plan. I'll definitely stick to that.

"I might touch the fabric, but I won't even get a basket. Just looking, maybe a little touching. But no buying. Good."

I square my shoulders and walk through the door and no, I don't get a basket. No.

I get a trolley.

I swear, I don't even know how it happens. I think it's a throwback from my childhood, and something to do with the fact that I want to put the $2 coin in the slot to release the trolley. No big brother around to claim that right this time!

In I go, guiltily pushing my trolley, skimming past the homewares toward my favourite section. And then I'm there. In Fabric Town. Population: me. And some Nana's.

Instant fabric coma.

I walk. Very. Slowly. Past. All. The. Fabrics.

And then back again.
And again.

I look at them suspiciously....they're definitely winking at me.

And then....I touch one. And it's all over. I'm like a whirling dervish twirling around, flinging fabrics into my trolley, the matching threads, a packet of pins that I want just because they have pink flowery ends, ooh pinking shears...why, hello tape measure with a pig shaped case! Sale table? Don't mind if I do! Buttons? Sure, chuck em in! Wadding? Sure! Never used it before, probably won't ever? Never mind, in it goes.

And then it's all over. I take my ticket and line up to get my fabric cut. Eyeing off the other trolleys around me to see what they've got. At this stage, one of the sweet little Nana's inevitably asks me why I have so many fabrics. At which point I end up either giving them a business card or showing them photos of what I make. Shame? Never heard of it.

The ladies at the counter seem to be trying to take longer than each other to finish their current customers...they wouldn't be trying to avoid me would they? And then my number is called, my fabrics are cut and I'm out the door, my Spotlight card crammed with new points!

I go home, read this tutorial and organise my new fabrics to look like this.

I don't really.

This is what I really do.

Shopping at Spotlight counts as exercise, right?


Shan said...

oh i hear you!!!! i'm exactly the same :)

Kristy said...

Yep so with you on this one, I can never walk out with just a zip or some buttons or some thread there is always material under the arm as well.

ShelleyW said...

My husband was so incredibly proud of me last week. Did I save the world? No. Did I cure hunger? No. Find a cure for disease? No. In one trip I went to Lincraft and bought nothing, and to Spotlight and bought the only thing I actually went shopping for - two buttons. Sad really!

bekahsblog said...

hehe..Love it! I had to go to spotlight last weekend..took my 8year old son who hates shopping for fabric...he whined..'what are we going there for'..i said I needed some stuffing for the dolls.. he replied..'whats stuffing?" I said the stuff I put in the dolls..he just gave me a blank look so I thought of the most appropriate way to explain it to an 8 year old boy...I said I have to buy some doll guts! he laughed and nodded..we arrived..he ran in ahead of me..half way down the very packed with ladies aisle..he called of his voice..'Ill get the doll guts Mum!'...I just stood swallow me now..=P

Yumminess textiles said...

Hahah girls!

Shelley - wow! That's amazing!

Bek...hahaha :) xxx

Tanya said...

Oh this is sooo me. I went to Spotlight the other day to pay my layby, whats on it? more fabric of course! $92.00 later I'm at the car when I realize I haven't pay my layby!!!

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