Friday, 5 August 2011

Slave to technology

My handsfree kit in my car has a really handy function. You press a button and then say someone's name and it calls them.

I have to talk to it in an English accent.

Like, a plummy posh accent. If I talk in Ozstraylian it calls "Doctor" instead of "Mum".

I am a slave to technology.

But I kinda like it. The other day, I was listening to one of my Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show podcasts (seriously funny London radio show) and they said that research has shown that people on average check their phone 34 times a day. I guess that means I am above average then! **blows on nails and buffs on shirt**

Actually, hang on, why do we huff on our nails, then polish them on our clothes to show that we've done a good job or are proud of something. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?! I have been doing that my whole life and it only just occurred to me how stupid it is! Does it mean, "Hell yeah, I achieved THAT and I didn't even ruin my manicure"? or "How good was that!?! Now I'm just going to buff my nails for the next time I need to save a child/stop world poverty/remember to clean the lint filter in the dryer before putting on the 1,200th cycle of never ending stupid washing"?

Once again, I am off topic.

I am most definitely a slave to technology. I LOVE it! I'm a gadget girl, through and through. I am sitting at my desk typing on my 24inch Mac desktop, I have my iPhone next to me, my iPod connected to my computer and I can see my iPad in the kitchen. I love checking in, I love being up to date and I love hearing from people. It was probably a natural progression that I have an online business - now I have a legitimate excuse to be glued to the screen!

Surely, I'm not the only one? Actually, I know I'm not - there is this guy....he makes me feel like I'm not alone!


Bec said...

you're not alone Alana-I'm writing this in bed on my iPad with 2 iPhones beside me (mines the 4 hubby's is the 3-I just like to make sure he knows I have the newer one!!) my MacBook pro is on the dining table ready for me first thing in the morning.
I'm a gadget girl-I love all new technology-I like to get the new things as they are released-yet at times I have no idea how to use them...I wing it a lot!!

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