Thursday, 2 August 2012

Eyebrows and Grey Hairs

So, today I went and got my eyebrows waxed at a new place. The girl said she would shape my eyebrows a little better than they were (good news considering they were like giant hairy caterpillars) and make them a little thinner. I have a fringe so even if they were a disaster, who cares? I can't see them.
So she gets to work and once she is done, she invites me to sit up and look in the giant mirror on the wall. As I look she comes to stand behind me so we can scrutinise my eyebrows together. I look at my new brows, then happen to glance at her in the mirror.

We have the same eyebrows.

Like, exactly the same.

Weirdly, we did kind of look like each other so I'm trying to figure out if she does this to everyone, or just the people that look like her. Am I wrong for thinking she might be trying to start some sort of eyebrow movement?

They're very nice eyebrows by the way, so if she is trying to recruit us all to become an eyebrow army then she's definitely going about it the right way.

I don't get many beauty treatments done - and that includes getting my hair dyed. Or in my case, not getting my hair dyed. Even though I really should as I am getting lots of greys now. And I probably should get my long hair cut in to a "Mum" style but instead I am rebelling and am growing it as long as I can.

Interestingly, I have found that every woman that I tell about my grey hairs has had the same reaction:

Me: "I'm getting grey hair."
Them: "No you're not."
Me: "Yes, I am, I've got heaps."
Them: "Where?!?"

And then I find myself trying to show them the grey hairs.
In public.
Like sweeping a bit of my hair to the side and trying to convince them that I do indeed have grey hair.
This has happened to me more than 5 times. I feel like an idiot, they don't really want to see and we all get left feeling a little embarrassed. Yet I do it every time.

So if I see you and for some reason I randomly offer the information about my grey hair, just go along with it, ok?

One last thing before I go - if you missed it last night, you absolutely HAVE to read this blog. It is actual crying with laughter stuff....just follow the link:


Kathy McPherson said...

Love it Alana.... and although I'm not too worried about seeing the grey hairs, I really want to see the eyebrows! xx

Angie said...

My god that was hilarious and also the second one about the farts!!! Hahaha and the eyebrows look divine. Night night, I'm going to bed now after those laughing fits I have just had....good stress relief. Love you, Mum xxx

Kim Uibo said...

Pffftttt....grey schmey. Just go blonde and there is nothing wrong with long hair; I too am rebelling and growing mine (channelling Posh spice circa 2012, instead of Posh Spice cira 2009).

Thanks for the toilet humour, nothing like almost wetting your pants before 7am

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