Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Reasons Why I Bake

I've got a Thermomix now. I use it for 3% cooking dinner, 7% creating pizza dough and 90% making delicious sugary goods.

The other day I purposely made chocolate chip cookies when my son was at school so I wouldn't have to let him lick the bowl. Not because of any concern about this health or the state of his teeth, but because I didn't want to share.

There, I said it.

I am either a terrible or fabulous parent, depending on which camp you're in.

So anywhoo, my Thermie happily mixed up all the ingredients for me and once finished I was happily eating the raw dough. This is so sad, but I even saved a bit of the dough so that once the cookies were in the oven I could have a cup of tea and eat my dough.

Is that weird? It sounds weird now that I'm writing it down, but to me - that's perfectly acceptable behaviour.

A few hours later I was leaving the house to do school pick up when I mentally ran through what I had done that day....feed baby, play with baby, stare at baby obsessively...eat lun......

Hang on a minute.

I had only eaten cookie dough for lunch.

My poor body is busy being awesome, making milk to feed my tiny guy and I repay it by feeding it cookie dough. Although it was a pretty cold day....so milk, cookie dough, cold....my baby effectively had cookie dough ice-cream for lunch. So it's not all bad.


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