Saturday, 3 September 2011

In the new house!

So Mr Yumminess and I bought a new house without seeing the whole thing. Yup.....that's right. One might call us impulsive, others might call us crazy....who cares, as long as they call us! Boom boom ching!


So basically, I saw this.....

And passed out on the carpet from excitement!

We are finally now able to see the house properly and thankfully, we don't regret it. We think it was built in around about the 1950's with lashings of charm. Lashings! I sound like Enid Blyton!

I'm going to be a completely different person in this house! The sort of person who has moulded cornices! I'll be one of those people who picks up bargains at flea markets, restores them to their glory and then nonchalantly matches eclectic nic naks to them.

I'll be one of those people who will have a fire every night. Even when it's 40 degrees. Because I can!

I'll wear one of those 50's pinnies and cook at the stove with no shoes on! I'll wear those cool headbands like Sadie the Cleaning lady does!

Incidentally - how freaking COOL is this cooking area? These tiles literally make me swoon...
 Mr Yumminess doesn't like them.
He is a looper.

Alby thinks all his Christmases have come at once :)

In my current house, I have 4 cupboards in the kitchen. Yes.....FOUR! In the new place I have like, 200 or so.

Not really - but damn it feels like it!

In the new house I'm going to be one of those people who has everything labelled in Tupperware containers. I'm going to start having dinner parties! I'm going to tastefully renovate the kitchen using only secondhand re purposed timber, lovingly sanding it back by hand and sealing it with high gloss lacquer. I'll be one of those people who never gets impatient and touches the paint before it dries or who buys a flat pak kitchen from IKEA. I won't ever get distracted by my......


It's dinky, it's dirty, it's dank and it's delightfully ALL MINE! I have big plans for you my little space!

I ripped these up with my bare hands. Mr Yumminess just stood around giving me unhelpful tips and generally getting in the way.

Oh hang on - other way around.

Did I tell you that Mr Yumminess is in the flooring biz? Very handy at times like this! For anyone who knows anything about timber flooring - he has to punch EVERY. SINGLE. NAIL.

In the whole house.

I offered to help and he laughed.
I was offended.
Until I saw what it actually entailed.
And then I rejoiced.
Then I felt bad because he had to do it.
Then I was excited because I was dispatched to Spotlight to get blinds.
First (and I dare say last) time I have ever been to Spotters without buying fabric but my child was maiming various people with a plastic stick he got somehow and then pulled the whole display of stapler thingys over.

His punishment....

And this is us......happily ever after....

Until we kill each other over various renovation disagreements.


ShelleyW said...

Happily ever after indeed! Lovely that you love it - and that of course so does Alby. Oh oh, the kitchen goes so well with your dress from the last blog!

Chibi Run said...

hehe gorgeous family pic at the end!
How sooper dooper exciting!
You'll be having tupperware tea parties before you know wink wink*!

a country wife said...

Hoooooorah to you my gorgeous thang! So super exciting!!

rebekah said...

Hahahaha! I love this! It is so true of renovating... it's exciting.. then it's depressing and in the end it's just darn rewarding! :) You'll LOVE it! We did the same with our timber floors... you'll be in love forever! Oh... and the Tupperware idea - ROCKS!
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy! Can't wait to see what kind of yumminess comes out of your new abode! x

Angie said...

You guys! How exciting to go for it like you have done. And now you are moving in soon! It looks like the place was made for Alby to run around in!!
Cant wait to see it very, very soon

Angie said...

Yayyy! It worked for the first time, many more to come xx <3<3

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